Tips for a positive mindset in the Corona era, part 5

Stay in contact

Did you know that humans are actually herded animals? Our need for social contacts is very great. In fact, it is vital. Social contact is necessary for your well-being and your health.

In this time of “social distancing,” it is difficult and difficult to really keep in touch with others. We cannot visit each other when it is just so necessary. Fortunately, we can keep in touch online. Make use of this too. Keep in regular contact with your family and friends. You can do this in many ways and with several people at the same time: you can even have a drink online, play billiards online and celebrate parties. Google what is possible and above all be creative.

Extra tip: make sure you are not online all day. Schedule these contact moments as much as possible, so that you can also keep planning your business. The opposite also applies: do not withdraw too much from your social contacts. You may not feel like online contact, but make sure you speak to someone regularly.