Tips for a positive mindset in the Corona era, part 4

Let go of what you cannot change

This is, of course, a huge buyer, but ooh so true. Especially in these Corona times. If you are not careful, you are constantly worrying. For example, about your own health and that of your loved ones, about your business, about your billiard career, about the economic situation after the crisis, about the fact that your holiday is not going to take place and that you really cannot do anything nice outside. Worrying often happens unconsciously, which can lead to a negative mindset (see tip 1). You really want to prevent that, because worrying too much causes stress (mental, but also physical) and that is the last thing you want now.

How do you best deal with that letting go? With each of these thoughts, consider concretely what you can do here and now to change the situation. If you check that, you will find that you have (unfortunately) no influence on most things. This often concerns future scenarios.

Remember that no one can really influence those scenarios here and now. Recognize those thoughts about the future and then try to let go of them, because you simply have no control over them. All thoughts about this only cost you a lot of negative energy. So let go and trust that if things happen in the future, you will find a solution for them. Trust yourself.