Tips for a positive mindset in the Corona era, part 3

Get up an hour earlier

This is perhaps my very best tip. They say for a reason: tomorrow morning has gold in the mouth. Early morning is the ideal time for creative work. Especially at this time, it is of extra importance, because you are at home with the whole family – day in and day out. Make a fresh start in the morning and grab your own moment. Then it is still quiet in the house. Take advantage of this. After your cup of coffee or tea, start with a job that requires a lot of concentration.

Extra tip: For example, brainstorm opportunities that you and your company can take advantage of in this crisis. Think totally “out of the box”. Take a large sheet of paper and let your thoughts go as if anything is possible. What would you like to mean now? What products or services do you have or can you develop that are now needed? What does your target group look like now? It may just be that in these times you can tap into a new target group with a new product. Or for professional athletes; what real goals can I set for after the crisis.


Early in the morning you really have peace of mind and you are extra creative. If you start early, you can move mountains before the rest is up. That gives you a great sense of satisfaction if you have already done a lot of work to keep your business running. It gives positive energy and ensures that you are in the action mode for the rest of the day.

Extra tip: if you get up earlier, you must ensure that you have enough hours of sleep. So getting up earlier also means going to bed earlier in the evening