Tips for a positive mindset in the Corona era, part 1.

For those who not really know me, I am the owner of Sonny´s Billiard Supplies. And I am present at big tournaments throughout all Europe, like the EPBF Eurotours, European Championships, and Ardennencup with my service shop.

We have all been in a new situation unknown to us for a few weeks. That’s getting used to for everyone. This is also a challenging period for entrepreneurs and billiard players among us. I see entrepreneurs and players who adapt quickly to the situation and who adapt to developments. They focus on looking for opportunities & possibilities to organize their business or sport differently. Other entrepreneurs or players are down and not getting anything out of their fingers. That is a pity because it is precisely now that you as an entrepreneur or billiard player must be flexible and creative to be in the best possible shape after this crisis. But how can you induce yourself to get back into a positive spiral, despite everything that is happening right now? How can you tap into your creativity to discover new opportunities for your company or your career in this Corona era? Believe me, there are really more opportunities for your business than you might think at first. In this blog, I share several tips with which you can immediately start resetting your mindset. Because that’s the first thing to happen now. So that your creativity can bubble again and you and your company and/or career will return to the active mode. Today part 1, but I want to try to blog about this every day for the time being.

Take care of yourself Of course it is good to focus on your loved ones and on your business and or profession. But don’t forget about the whole thing. Because the only one who can take care of you is yourself. That is often forgotten in times of crisis. We are much more concerned with everything and everyone around us than with ourselves. Remember that you cannot take care of others if you do not take good care of yourself. In addition, you are your company: if you are not fit, your company is also not fit. Taking good care of yourself is now the most important thing. Make this your priority. Get enough sleep: try to sleep at least 7 hours. Eat a varied and healthy diet. The temptation is great to go easy and delicious. And now to start snacking and snacking. But right now it is important to pay attention to your diet, in order to ensure a good immune system. In addition, keep moving. Gyms are closed, but you can take all kinds of classes and train online. From exciting Zumba classes to soothing yoga classes. So no more excuses! After all, take care of your social contacts. And take your moments of rest when you do something fun that gives you energy. Plan those moments for yourself and enjoy it. You badly need them to charge yourself. Follow all tips, there are going to be every day, and keep your positive mindset high.