Zento Break-Jump Cue Tips


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Zento Break-Jump Cue Tips



To succeed with your jumps and breaks, you need the right tip!

Try the new Zento Break & Jump Tip (Made in Germany). It is unrivaled on the market and offers the performance of the highest level. It fits all break and jump cue shafts. The intensive, dynamic cue ball contact of the tip gives the player more control, maximum break power and enhanced speed.

Its high-end polymer compounds have been developed for the special requirements of breaks and jumps. You can even perform jumps with spin.

Are you unhappy with the performance of your break/jump cue? Try Zento and be surprised by the remarkable result!


  • Brand; Zento
  • Type; Break, Break/Jump, or Jump
  • High-end polymer compounds (no phenolic tip)
  • Maximum break power
  • Enhanced speed
  • Chalk holds excellent
  • Can be installed with the most composite adhesives
  • The radius can be fitted with a tip shaper
  • Size (diameter) – 16mm, 6mm height
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Available in different colors

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