Winmau, Dart Ultimate Tune-Up Kit


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Winmau, Dart Ultimate Tune-Up Kit




This kit from Winmau contains various accessories for your dart. Experiment with the different parts to get your perfect dart and hit the Triple 20 with ease! The set contains; 6 sets of Rhino flights extra-thick, 3 sets of Prisma Polycarbonate shafts, 2 sets of short nylon shafts, 1 set of extra short nylon shafts, 8 sets of Trident 180 dart arrows, 1 Tooley bottle opener, 2 sets of flight savers, 1 sharpener, 1 shaft locking system, 5 sets of shaft springs, 1 checkout table, and 2 point protectors. The design can differ from the image.



Make your own perfect dart! Different accessories in one set Rhino flights, 25% thicker Prism shafts



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