Billiard Table, Pool, Rasson Victory II Plus, White


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Billiard Table, Pool, Rasson Victory II Plus, White





The Rasson Victory pool table features a unique pedestal and legs that look like a “V” from each side of the table. Victory is equipped with our own designed and patented SLS(Slate Leveling System) and LLS(Leg Leveling System) as well TPR material pockets.

30mm thick premium Rasson slate, Adamath Wood-Rail, KLEMATCH P59(K55) rubber cushion, and aluminum alloy beam guarantee the most consistent response and longevity of table use. The luxurious look Adamath-Wood rail is resistant to water, fire, warping, scratches, and dents.

The victory table meets and exceeds the specifications as set by EPBF and WPA.


8 ft.

  • Playing field: 8 ft. 224 cm x 112 cm
  • Outer dimensions: 259 cm x 147 cm
  • Rail width: 17.5 cm
  • Total weight: 505 kg
  • Space between the floor and the apron approx. 60cm
  • Apron height 18.5cm
  • Playing field height approx. 78cm
  • Table height with rail approx. 82-83 cm
  • Available in color white and black


9 ft.

  • Playing field: 9 ft. 254 cm x 127 cm
  • Outer dimensions: 290 cm x 162 cm
  • Rail width: 17.5 cm
  • Total weight: 570 kg
  • Space between the floor and the apron approx. 60cm
  • Apron height 18.5cm
  • Playing field height approx. 78cm
  • Table height with rail approx. 82-83 cm
  • Available in color white and black


Important Information;

  • The victory table meets and exceeds the specifications as set by EPBF and WPA.
  • The table will be delivered inclusive an official Simonis Cloth 760 or 860
  • All Mosconi Cup tournaments are played at these tables.


The table top is made from 9L precision cuts 30mm (1.18″) thick 3pc.

The 9ft table is comprised of precision-cut 30mm (1.18″) thick 3pc premium RASSON slate, grinded, and then sanded flat within a tolerance of less than 0.1mm. 30 instead of regular 18 rail holes of other tables on the market on each slate tighten the rail and slate better, provide a fine resistance to collision, seismic, and abscission; and offer a more average and accurate ball response.


Adamath wooden rail with unique processing technology

Our Adamath-Wood rail with unique processing technology compresses phenolic resin into precious hardwood veneers, resulting in a luxurious look with an ultra-durable finish that is resistant to warping, scratches, moisture, and heat.


The upgrade of the Artemis Pool No.66 (K66) rubber band to KLEMATCH P59 (K55) enables more professional playability.

KLEMATCH billiard cushions, made in France, offer a precise and exceptional bounce that is highly appreciated by demanding players. They allow a game of great precision, especially in competition.


Technical data of KLEMTACH P59 rubber cushions as below:

  • Hardness Shore A: 43 +3
  • Rebound (according to DIN53512): 75% +5%
  • Rebound resilience of the end product (according to A.I. method): 75% +5%
  • Covered on three sides with a durable cloth
  • KLEMATCH P59 rubber cushions applied on VictoryII Plus pool tables that manufactured from 2019


Industrial aluminum alloy for a perfect base plate.

Industrial aluminum alloy features a perfect flatness, convenient transportation, and installation as well as offers superior stability and precise foundation for the slate while maintaining consistency in virtually any climate.


Natural mother-of-pearl lozenges.

Sights made of natural mother of pearls that cut in four segments of diamond shape by CNC machine are inlayed on Adamath-wood rails, which takes very meticulous and exquisite workmanship while many others are using only artificial sights. Afterward, rails will be further polished and grinded in order for all sights to flush perfectly with the surface of top rails to offer a smooth touching. Sights will show colorful luster under lights from different angles, which allows players to identify the location of balls much easier.


The patented LevelBox Plus (TM) system

Our patent-pending LevelBox Plus (TM) system allows for micro-adjustments to the slate across 22 key locations, allowing for precise installation without the need for shims and immobilization after adjustments. The system features easy access with the ability to make leveling readjustments throughout the lifespan of your table.

US Patent Number: US 10183210 B2
Chinese Patent Number: ZL201721034533.7
Patented Design; All Rights Reserved.



Leveling the frame by rotating the screw in the pedestal to adjust the distance between the pedestal and the leg.


Redesigned, patented pocket buckets

Our redesigned pocket buckets are made from  TPE (Thermo-Plastic-Elastomers) in the ideal density necessary to eliminate scuffing (and resulting skidding), reduce ball rejection (bounce out) and dampen impact noise. Specially designed with our patent-pending T-shape slot device, the pockets offer a precision fit with fast assembly. Each pocket can hold 10 balls and pockets are available in a variety of colors to match the cloth.

Patent Number: ZL201620291868.6
Patented Design; All Rights Reserved.




Please note: Due to differences in monitors and monitor settings, it is possible that colours in product photos appear different to the actual product.

Wood is a natural product that is dimensionally influenced by basic physical laws. The play of colors in the wood is created by the individual shape, color and grain after processing. The range of natural color, structure and other differences within a type of wood is one of its natural properties and does not constitute grounds for complaint or liability.



Please note the important information on the care and maintenance of your pool table to ensure long-term enjoyment and optimal functionality.



This billiard table is a freight item and will be delivered by a forwarding agency. Within Belgium and the Netherlands (not the islands), we can deliver the table to the curb with a delivery time of 4 to 10 working days at an all-in price (from 195, – € up).

Deliveries by the forwarding agent are generally agreed with you by telephone before delivery. This ensures that you can receive the goods personally. You need at least 2 strong people to carry the packages to the place of assembly!

External transport damage must be reported directly to the forwarding agent and noted on the shipping slip. You are also responsible for ensuring that the delivered material is stored dry and safe until it is set up.

With assembly skills and the proper tools, the table can be assembled by 2 people. To do this, follow the enclosed assembly instructions.
Please note that our guarantee does not apply to assembly errors you have caused yourself.
For this reason, we recommend a professional assembly by our fitters.

The trained fitters from Sonny´s Billiard Supplies will be happy to deliver and set up the billiard table for an all-in price (from € 485 up). So you can be sure that the slate is aligned exactly horizontally with the frame using a special tool and that the billiard cloth is evenly stretched. The delivery time is 5-35 working days.

The overall price is only valid under the following conditions:
– The assembly takes place on the ground floor
– with easy access
– Access for vans or trucks must be guaranteed – up to a maximum of 10 meters before the door entrance.
In the event of deviating conditions (e.g. construction not on the ground floor or difficult access), please contact us (phone: +32 4 68178762 / email: to discuss the exact situation on-site and any additional costs that may arise. We will send two fitters to you for the construction. The total price is from € 485. The fitters hand over the table to you, ready to play.



Difference between Simonis 760 and Simonis 860:
Both cloth types are certified tournament pool cloth and consist of a combination of cotton and nylon. Since the Simonis 760 has a relatively higher nylon amount, the rolling properties of the balls (under otherwise identical external conditions such as humidity, temperature, etc.) are slightly faster.

If you only have the pool table delivered and do not order a set-up service, the cloth selected under Cloth Change (not available for every pool table!) will only be included in the delivery. In that case you must ensure yourself, that the billiard table and the cushions will be covered with the cloth.



For customers in  the Netherlands (not the islands) and Belgium, flat-rate delivery and installation costs are specified (from € 485 up). This is not possible for other countries. That is why we only offer this item in our web shop for these customers for collection from the warehouse in Germany (by yourself or by a forwarding agent commissioned by you). If you would like us to deliver the billiard table, we would be happy to make you an individual offer for the delivery and assembly of the table. In that case, please e-mail us ( the following information: article number, delivery address (including country and zip code) or call us on: +32 4 68178762.

Additional information

Weight 525 kg
Size in Ft

8ft, 9ft


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