Simonis Cloth 760, 195 cm


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Simonis Cloth 760, 195 cm




The price is stated per decimetre (= 10 cm)
E.g. if you need 2,90-metre cloth, please insert “29” as order amount.

Since generations, Simonis cloth is globally regarded as the best product of its kind. Its superior, functional woven structure never interferes with the true roll of the ball, making it most accurate and very fast. The cloth is incredibly smooth without felt-like fuzziness and does not wear like nappy woolen cloth which eventually develops tracks or grooves. With Simonis, ball spin is consistent and the roll stays straight and true on every shot.

  • Simonis ® Billiard Cloth
  • Great for intensively played tables. The recommended sheet for well-attended pool halls
  • Width: 195 cm
  • Blend: 70% Wool, 30% Nylon, ca. 355g/m²
  • Finish: Worsted
  • Speed: Very Fast (slightly faster than Simonis 860)
  • Price per decimetre (= 10 cm)

This cloth has a width of 195 cm, suited for 9, 10, and 12 ft. tables.
We recommend the following measurements for covering a table including the rails:

  • 9 ft: 2,90 metre = 29 decimetre
  • 10 ft: 4,20 metre = 42 decimetre
  • 12 ft: 5,50 metre = 55 decimetre

Please make sure to order the right size. Custom made cloth is excluded from exchange and withdrawal.

Available in color; Yellow/green; Blue/green; Royal blue; Electric blue; Red; Powder blue; Grey; Burgundy; and Tournament Blue

Other colors only on request


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Blue/Green, Burgundy, Electric Blue, Powder Blue, Red, Royal Blue, Tournament Blue, Yellow/Green


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