Cuetec “Cobra”, C-1, black


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Cuetec “Cobra”, C-1, black


The model Cobra from Cuetec is a top-quality branded product and comes with an unbeatable price.

It is made from real Canadian maple wood and features a special C.M.F. fiberglass coating which is patented by Cuetec. It seals the cue and protects it, so it cant be deformed by moisture.
Its very dynamic look in a 6-point ornament style makes it very popular. For high-precision shots, it has a polycarbonate ferrule and a 13 mm adhesive leather tip. Thanks to the black Veltex grip the cue is nice to handle. A stainless 3/8 x 14 stainless steel thread connects the shaft and butt.



  • SST shaft, made of maple wood, covered with C.M.F.
  • 13 mm premium leather tip
  • polycarbonate ferrule



  • Veltex grip
  • special sealing against humidity
  • metal thread
  • weight selection from 19 to 21oz possible



Please note: Due to differences in monitors and monitor settings, it is possible that colours in product photos appear different to the actual product.

Wood is a natural product that is dimensionally influenced by basic physical laws. The play of colors in the wood is created by the individual shape, color and grain after processing. The range of natural color, structure and other differences within a type of wood is one of its natural properties and does not constitute grounds for complaint or liability.

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