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•price per piece
•The ultimate Match-Maker our medium specified all action, all embracive and hydro-dynamic pool tip available in the market-place today. Bringing a sure shot mark for players who hit through the cue ball with devastating effect.
•10 layers
•hardness xx
•100% Premium Boar Skin – offers pool players even greater subtle cue-ball control
•optimized surface – a better outcome of all shots
• I-HDS Technologie (The Indoor Humidity Defensive System) protects the cue tip against the environment. Eradicating the effect of the surrounding playing conditions making the BLACKHEART™ Tip a brilliant advancement towards perfection.
• PTA (Porosity Technological Advancements) ensuring that the impact of tip to cue ball is 100% accurate
•hardness S=65, M=71.5, H=75

Available in 14mm

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