Philos, Chess set exclusive


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Philos, Chess set exclusive


The game, of all GAMES !!!

The Philos chess set 2504 consists of Staunton design chess pieces, a chess board, and a chess pieces box. The chess pieces have a royal height of 78 mm, are double weighted and have a leather base. The chess pieces are made from Sheesham and boxwood wood certified according to CITES guidelines and are beautifully finished. The chessboard is made of maple and Sapele optics, has a matte finish and has a field size of 45 mm. The beautiful decorative border is striking about the Philos chessboard. The chess piece box that comes with this Philos chess set has a size of 43x43x6.5 cm and consists of 32 individual compartments for the chess pieces.



  • Staunton design
  • King height 78 mm
  • Size of playing field 45 mm
  • Dimensions game board 39x39x1 cm
  • Chess pieces box size 43x43x6.5 cm
  • The material of chess pieces: CITES certified sheesham and boxwood
  • Material board: maple and Sapele optics



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