Philos, Chess cassette deluxe 50mm Board


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Philos, Chess cassette deluxe 50mm Board


The game of all games, play it again and again.

Chess is one of the oldest strategic board games worldwide. It is generally accepted that the game of chess originated 4000 years ago in countries such as Persia and India. The modern chess game, as we know it today, is around 2000 years old and has developed into one of the most popular games in the world. Chess is a strategic game for 2 players. Although it is a very complicated and sophisticated game, it can also bring a lot of fun for people who want to play at a lower level or simply have less experience. In short, a game for everyone!


  • Chess pieces Staunton design
  • King 90 mm
  • Felt feet and weighted
  • Chess pieces made of natural Schima wood and stained brown
  • Cassette size 475 x 235 x 56 mm
  • Field size 50 mm
  • Cassette made from poplar wood stained brown Maple and teak optical finish, matt lacquered
  • The playing field is framed
  • Numbers and numbers on playing field Game rules included Recommended age from 6 years

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