Philos, Backgammon Kos medium


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Philos, Backgammon Kos medium


Get addicted to the game and start playing.

Backgammon is an exciting board game for two players. It has simple rules and you can start your first match right away. The tiles are placed on the game board in a predetermined way. The steps are determined with the number of eyes of the 2 dice. Experience the excitement of throwing the dice and then consider your tactical move. What will the result of your opponent’s dice be? Do you dare to take a risk or play safe? Keep your eyes on the stones of your opponent. Every roll of the dice brings enthusiasm and a new impulse to the game. Even when the game seems to be heading your way, everything can suddenly change if the other player hits one of your tiles from the board, bringing another tile into play. The first player to complete all his stones wins the game.


  • Philos medium backgammon
  • Cassette
  • Size 355 x 230 x 50 mm
  • Poplar and maple stained reddish brown
  • Printed inside
  • Including stones, dice holder and dice
  • Recommended age from 6 years
  • Including game rules

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