NAVIGATOR Blue Impact Tip 14mm


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Navigator Blue Impact Tip 14mm




  • 15 layers of quality pigskin
  • Handmade by very good craftsmen
  • High-tech glued without using liquid glue
  • Colored with a natural harmless dye
  • 4 quality controls before completion
  • This version is great for snooker
  • Available in;
    SS order no. 230015
    S order no. 230016
    M order no. 230017
    H order no. 230018
  • SS and S comfortable for Pool and M and H for Carom


Navigator Blue Impact Snooker Tips

The Navigator Blue Impact tips come in a range of Super Soft, Soft, Medium, and Hard. The most common types sold are soft and medium and are made using 100% Japanese pig leather. This 14mm Laminated tip we believe after testing is far better than all others around due to the construction and thinner layers.

As the tips are 11mm they have also made the tips with 15 layers as well. For me, though I reduce the number of layers when fitting tips as a high tip reduces the response of the shaft and makes the playability completely different.

In testing, we found that the Soft tip provided a lot of grip to the cue ball and also didn’t mushroom over a period of time. Unlike other laminated tips like G2 and Kamui, the Navigator Blue Impact Snooker Tips are a standout.

We believe in time to come that Navigator will be the leaders in Laminated tips due to their construction methods and overall service.

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Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard


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