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Navigator Alpha Tips are made of 100% Japanese pig leather, 10 laminated layers with different colors which shows the hardness your using. The tips have a diameter of 14mm for pool and carom and a hardness of;


  • 10 colored layers of quality pig skin.
  • Handmade by very good craftsmen
  • High-tech glued without the use of liquid glue
  • Colored with naturally harmless paint
  • 4 quality checks before completion


Extra soft – black, order no. 230020
Soft – red, order no. 230021
Medium – blue, order no. 230022
Hard – yellow, order no. 230023

Navigator Pool Alpha Tips are made of 100% Japanese pig leather. The Tips have a total of 10 laminated layers, with different colors which show the hardness your using. The tips have a diameter of 14mm for pool and hardness of Super soft, Soft, Medium, and Hard.

During our time selling tips, we have found the thinner layered tips also have more feeling in them and hold their shape much better. Navigator Alpha tips have different density layers on the bottom which act as a bumper. This reduces pressure on the tip and protects the ferrule as well.

After final production Navigator put the tips under pressure in the press for 3min which simulates a tip-in play for over 20 hours. This is also the reason why initial mushrooming is reduced over all other laminated tips.

Out of all the laminated tips, these navigator tips would be ranked 1 for us followed by G2 and Kamui for Pool. Navigator tips layers are laminated in a specialized method and using a customized adhesive which will not affect the leather hardness.

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Super Soft, Soft, Medium, Hard


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