Mezz, Cue Shaft, Pool, WX-Alpha


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Mezz, Cue Shaft, Pool, WX-Alpha



The POWER you want, the CONTROL you need

Mezz, a brand that is guaranteed one of the best Cue Brands os the world comes now with a new shaft, but there are more possibilities, look at them before you get your decision.

With the re-engineered IS-Tec (internal stabilized technology), the WX Alpha low deflection shaft is the thickest, stiffest, and strongest Mezz shaft that delivers greater accuracy and power. The additional front-end mass reduction combined with the new NX ferrule promotes precise control and generates greater energy transfer to the cue ball.

Kamui Original Tip: The Japanese Kamui Tip (9-layer genuine pigskin leather tip) provides added consistency, a more natural feel of your stroke, and superior cue ball control.

NX Ferrule: The high-performance NX-ferrule is specially formulated to resist high pressure. It has a certain number of modules of elasticity yet has resistance to the friction of heat improving accuracy and power transference to the cue ball.

IS-Tec Technology: The “Internal Stabilized Technology” enhances the stabilization of the front-end to increase a more controlled cue ball at impact. The NX-ferrule creates an impact that holds the cue ball longer, producing maximum spin and providing greater accuracy through lower deflection

  • Tip: Kamui Original (S)
  • Tip diameter: 12.8mm
  • Ferrule: NX ferrule 15mm
  • Taper: Alpha Pro taper
  • Shaft length: 29” inch
  • Joint: United Joint

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