McDermott Pool Shaft I-Pro


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McDermott Pool Shaft I-Pro




  • New!
  • I-Pro or I-Pro Slim
  • Diameter 12mm
  • Joint; 3/8-10T or Quick Release
  • Available:  I-Pro Slim – 3/8-10T,  I-Pro Slim – Quick Release and I-Pro – 3/8-10T


MSRP: €395

Radial Consistency

Radial consistency is the shaft’s ability to reproduce the same results, regardless of its orientation. This means the shaft will perform more predictably from shot to shot. The i-Pro and i-Pro Slim’s Octadic Laminated Shaft Construction, combined with their Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core, makes them the most radial consistent wooden shafts we’ve ever made.


Octadic Laminated Shaft Construction

The i-Pro and i-Pro Slim feature eight spliced pieces of premium maple that are bonded together to form our most radial consistent wooden shafts yet. This construction method drastically reduces the performance inconsistencies caused by natural wood grain and maximizes energy transfer from the shaft into the cue ball at impact. This allows you to generate a higher spin rate while hitting closer to the center cue ball.


Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core

The i-Pro’s Triple-Layer Carbon Fiber Core extends the full length of the shaft (from ferrule to joint), stabilizing the entire shaft for absolute control and predictability. This technology increases radial consistency, reduces vibration, and virtually eliminates the inconsistencies found in a traditional maple shaft.

Navigator Alpha Tip

Navigator Alpha tips feature multiple layers of Japanese pigskin leather that are bonded, then compressed for 3 minutes. This process results in a tip that mushrooms less and provides a firm and crisp hit. The base layers have a different density, allowing them to act as a bumper. This reduces pressure on the tip and helps protect the ferrule.


TAPER i-Pro Hybrid Slim
TIP Navigator Alpha
JOINT 3/8″-10 (standard)
MSRP: €395


TAPER i-Pro Hybrid
TIP Navigator Alpha
JOINT 3/8″-10 (standard)
MSRP: € 395

Additional information

Weight 0,4 kg
Dimensions 80 × 7 × 7 cm
Joint Type

3/8×10 SLIM, Quick release SLIM, 3/8×10


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