Longoni Shaft S2 – E71cm VP-2 joint


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Longoni Shaft S2 – E71cm VP-2 joint




  • The S2 shaft is produced in 10 equal parts of Canadian Maple wood
  • Size; 12mm
  • Length; 71cm
  • VP-2 Joint

S2, the original, inimitable.

S2 shaft is produced entirely of 10 slices of Canadian Hardrock Maple.
Its technology is the result of years of development on the “Stratos”,
the first laminated shaft ever, developed by Renzo Longoni in the mid-sixties and produced in thousands of pieces.
The S2 shaft is suitable for those looking for an elastic shaft but with determination, perfect for the most extreme English.
A classic shaft for those who want a professional and natural game.
Top control on the ball and low deflection.

On all the laminated shafts of the S2 / S3 Serie, we install the prestigious Japanese Black Kamui SS-OEM version, specifically produced for Longoni.
Thanks to this synergy our shafts have a great added value.

The cutting of the logs is done during the coldest periods of the year to get the best physical features and that white color which distinguishes the best shafts: the Longoni shafts. From the central parts of the boards are extracted the elements that must have straight and thick veins without the presence of knots or other aesthetic blemishes including the sugar strips which can cause spots typical of the Saccharum maple.

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