Jump Cue, Pool, Cuetec Avid Surge Jump, black/gold


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Jump Cue, Pool, Cuetec Avid Surge Jump, black/gold





Just as their name implies, AVID Surge Series jump cues efficiently deliver an effortless rush of energy. Constructed utilizing multiple layers of specifically oriented glass fibers bonded to a kiln-dried, A+ grade maple core for unrivaled lift, each AVID Surge JMP cue features a low-deflection Power+ front-end and weighs a svelte 9.50 ounces – allowing the shaft to get out of its way more easily, especially with highly-elevated jump shots. With so much advanced technology inside, your opponents won’t be in a rush to play you safe.


  • Surge Power Pro Taper
  • Silver and Gold Power Twist Rings
  • 15” Surge Jump Handle
  • Black Collar and Butt Cap
  • Silver Cuetec and AVID butt cap logos
  • CT logo joint protectors
  • Shaft: AVID Surge Low-Deflection Glass Fiber Bonded Jump Shaft
  • Shaft Length: 29”
  • Tip: Power+ Phenolic with Glass Pad (Extra Hard)
  • Joint: 3/8×14 Modified Joint (21.30mm)
  • Shaft Collar: 1.5mm Black Phenolic
  • Weight: 9.50 oz



Maintaining the Cuetec AVID shaft’s finish.
Cuetec AVID shafts must never be sanded or modified. Using any abrasive on the surface of the shaft will damage the shaft’s finish possibly weaken the shaft’s glass composite bonding layers and discharge potentially harmful materials that could be hazardous to your health. Any polishing, sanding, or treatment of the surface of the shaft with abrasives or chemicals of any kind will void the shaft’s warranty.

BE CAREFULL; Never use baby powder, hand chalk, talcum powder, or other shaft treatments on a Cuetec AVID shaft.

To clean the surface of your AVID shaft, you will need just a few materials; Isopropyl Alcohol (75% or higher) and two (2) clean and debris-free soft cloth towels.

Step 1. Remove any dust and debris by wiping the shaft with a soft clean cloth.
Step 2. Apply a reasonable amount of Isopropyl Alcohol (75% or higher) to a clean, soft cloth towel. Next, work the towel up and down the length of the shaft, while rotating your hand around its circumference. Dirt may be visible on the towel.
This is completely normal. Continue working the shaft with the same motion until all areas have been thoroughly wiped, then allow a few moments for the surface to dry.


Changing the tip on your AVID Shaft.

Cuetec AVID shafts feature a lightweight white sighting ferrule. This inclusion of the AVID shaft’s front-end construction allows for easier tip replacement over the life of the shaft. When changing the tip, it is important to clean and resurface the ferrule. The minimum height of the ferrule must be greater than 2mm to maintain the shaft’s warranty coverage.

* Always use a recognized and proven cue-smith or cue-fitter. Never allow a cue-smith to sand or modify the shaft’s finish when installing a new tip.


Replacing the ferrule on your Cuetec AVID Shaft.

While unlikely, should the ferrule on your Cuetec AVID shaft ever need to be replaced, it must be done by an authorized Cuetec repair center. This is required due to the complex nature of the bonding agents used and to ensure that no damage is done to the shaft’s glass composite bonding layers. To locate an authorized repair center near you, contact customerservice@cuetec.com.

Cuetec AVID shafts feature a limited-lifetime warranty against Warpage.

Cuetec AVID shafts are not engineered to tolerate considerable lateral pressure. They should never be flexed excessively, hit on other objects, or treated with any abrasives, whether they are solid or liquid.

Shaft Diameter
Cuetec AVID shaft diameters should never be modified. Any sanding, polishing, or abrasive treatment could jeopardize the ultra-thin glass bonding surface layer and immediately void the AVID shaft’s warranty.

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