Headstart focus plus, Beverage powder Forest Fruit


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Headstart focus plus, Beverage powder Forest Fruit



Perfect supplement for our beloved Billiard sport, cause that is a mind game. Athletes or the players, just the way you will call them, are a lot flying through the whole world. They don’t eat always good things and they are constantly playing and traveling. Time to rest and recover is not always the first priority. Therefore they all need an extra helping hand to improve the Concentration and the Focus.


Helps to improve concentration

  • Against oxidative stress
  • Helps to reduce fatigue
  • Helps to reduce tiredness
  • Contains vitamins
  • No Caffeine


Sharpens your senses – Not your pulse!

You surely make a lot of effort to improve the wellbeing of your employees and invest a lot of money and time for
the vitality, motivation, safety at work and readiness of action of your employees.
Now stimulate the mental and physical performance of your team with the added-value drink of headstart.


It is refreshingly different!

headstart – the concentration supporting, performance improving, stress reducing and
a refreshing drink for those who want to perform better in sports, business, school, and everyday life.


Performance tested for you!

Field tests confirmed a 12 % performance improvement. Test persons felt more relaxed, noticed increased focus
on the task and could keep their concentration for a longer period of time.


How to get the best out of your headstart?

Drink 100 ml every 40-45 minutes to ensure optimum „brain power“ and increased physical performance during a match. Outside competition every hour would be oke. One pack of headstart 500 ml is ideal for 4-5 hours of packed energy. Inbetween that time that you drink Headstart only use still water.

• Leading companies such as BMW Austria use headstart
• Successfully used at the Olympic Games in Peking
• headstart is available at exclusive fitness clubs, pharmacies, and sports shops

Success starts in your mind! Get your headstart today!


“Headstart focus plus” – forest fruit taste
Beverage powder for the preparation of a carbohydrate drink
with forest fruit taste, with plant extracts, vitamins, calcium and
magnesium added, 500 g is circa 8.3 liters and 1.500 g = 25 liter


dextrose, sugar, maltodextrin, acid: citric acid, flavoring, color: beetroot red, carotenes;
potassium phosphate, calcium lactate, magnesium carbonate, vitamin blend (L-ascorbic acid,
niacin, vitamin B1, vitamin B6), balm extract, sage extract, ginger extract, stabilizer: guar gum


Tarif-No.: 21069098


Important Information

To drink this product it is perfect to use the drink bottle.

Put in a spoon of the beverage powder and fill up the rest of the bottle with still water, shake it and drink it.



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