Cuetec Axis 3-Finger Billiard Glove

Cuetec Axis, 3-Finger Billiard Glove, black-red


Cuetec Axis 3-Finger Billiard Glove

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Cuetec Axis, 3-Finger Billiard Glove, black-red




Your bridge is part of your game’s foundation. On-table success is built on a solid foundation. Cuetec Axis 3-Finger Billiard Glove feature a durable, ultra-low-friction surface paired with cool-flow breathable mesh, reinforced with double stitching to provide players with a smoother and more consistent stroke. The result is a better foundation to give your game the X-factor.

Our Hand gloves offer several advantages during gameplay. Firstly, they reduce friction between your hand and the cue, resulting in a smoother stroke and increased accuracy. The smooth surface of the gloves allows for effortless gliding, minimizing resistance and enabling a more consistent delivery of power.

Furthermore, these gloves provide excellent protection for your skin, preventing blisters and calluses that can be caused by prolonged and repetitive gripping of the cue. With our Billiard Gloves, you can focus on your game without any discomfort or distractions.

Whether you’re a professional player or a passionate amateur, our Billiard Gloves are a must-have accessory for anyone looking to improve their billiards performance. Enhance your control, accuracy, and comfort on the table with these premium gloves. Elevate your game and become the player you’ve always aspired to be.

Choose our Billiard Gloves and experience the difference for yourself. Get your pair today and step up your billiards game to the next level! Get them in the online shop at Sonny´s Billiard Supplies.

Specifications ;

  • Ultra-low-friction surface material
  • Under-cuff wrist enclosure
  • Double stitched construction
  • Non-slip palm heel pad
  • Easy-peel removal tab
  • Material composition: 92% Polyester / 8% Spandex
  • Breathable material
  • Brand; Cuetec
  • Available in both hands, Right Hand Player RHP, for the left site and Left Hand Player for the right site LHP

IMPORTANT INFORMATION Cuetec Axis 3-Finger Billiard Glove:

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Additional information

Weight 0,01 kg
Dimensions 20 × 12 × 2 cm

L, M, S, XL

Glove Site

LHP, Left Hand Player, (Right), RHP, Right Hand Player (Left)


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