Falcon Jump Cue TNT-3


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Falcon Jump Cue TNT-3 





  • Canadian hard maple stained flat white jump handle
  • Falcon jump shaft diameter, joint 5/16×14
  • jump tip and ferrule
  • Color Black, Red, White, and Fluor Green.


Falcon Cues Ltd History
Falcon Cues Ltd was originated in the year 1991 by Mr. Ernie Chen, an entrepreneur with the passion for the game of pool. Mr. Ernie was able to meet with famed American cue manufacturer Joss Cues and decided to enter into business venture together. Therefore, the Falcon brand was established and the first manufacturing facility was set up in Mississauga, a quiet little town about 30 minutes away from downtown Toronto. With the help from Joss Cues, Falcon quickly gained good reputation among the professional player’s circle and was able to attract some of the finest names that ever play the game of pool to use the Falcon equipment. Such players include Jeanette Lee, Jeniffer Chen, Nick Varner, Karen Korr, Shin Mai Liu and many other outstanding league players across the globe.
In 1993, Falcon ended its venture with Joss Cues and teamed up with Mr. Alan McCarty of Clawson Cues (now known as Predator Cues), who envisioned a brand new concept for the future of pool cues but needed manufacturing supports. Mr. Chen was very impressed with the idea and thought that this could change the game of pool for many years to come and decided to provide manufacturing supports for Clawson Cues to help Mr. McCarty realize his dream and concept. For many years to follow, Falcon Cues Ltd was the proud manufacturer and business partner for Clawson Cues (Predator Cues), in which it helped Falcon Cues to further develop its cue making abilities and techniques.

Falcon Cues Ltd continues to manufacture professional standard, high quality pool cues at an affordable prices, because we believe that all pool enthusiasts should have the chance to play with a real pool cue.

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Black, Fluor Green, Red, White


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