Cue Tip, Kamui Control Break SAI, 15 mm, 7 Layers


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Cue Tip, Kamui Control Break SAI, 15 mm, 7 Layers





Selected leather aligns tip and chalk and maximizes the range tolerance of the striking point for the perfect break.

  • price per piece
  • 100% pigskin
  • 7 layers
  • Better chalk adhesion: Chalk adheres better to Kamui™ tips than to competing products since the specially processed pigskin has particularly absorbent pores.
  • No fungus formation: the special processing of the Kamui™ leather allows the leather to keep its original shape with every impact. The game feature is therefore always the same.
  • Durability: Due to the optimum chalk adhesion, the tip rarely needs to be shaped. As a result, the tip maintains its original thickness for a long time.



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