Cornilleau Nexeo X200 Graphite table tennis bat


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Cornilleau Nexeo X200 Graphite table tennis bat


The table tennis bats from the Cornilleau Nexeo X200 Graphite series are outdoor bats with excellent playing qualities. They are fast, very accurate bats that are also shockproof and weatherproof. The Cornilleau Nexeo X200 is one of the best outdoor table tennis bats on the market. The Nexeo X200 is the result of 3 years of research and development. For the first time, Cornilleau uses graphite technologies in a table tennis bat. The Cornilleau Nexeo X200 table tennis bat is, therefore, an outdoor table tennis bat with incredibly high performance, ultra-durable and extra light. This Cornilleau table tennis bat will really give your game a boost!


  • Nexeo Graphite X200
  • 100% Carbon composite
  • Outdoor
  • Speed 9.5
  • Spin 9
  • Control 7
  • Rubber: elastomeric foam

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