Buffalo, Altano No. 4, Carom cue


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Buffalo, Altano No. 4, Carom cue, 2-piece




De Buffalo biljartkeu Altano model 4 heeft een zwart geverfde esdoorn butt met een strakke, grafische UV print in de kleuren bruin en wit boven en onder de zwart geverfde grip.

The Altano 2-piece billiard cue has a total length of 141 cm, the butt has a length of 72 cm and the shaft has a length of 69 cm. The shaft of the Altano billiard cue features the Buffalo logo. The shaft is made of solid maple (A6) and the Everest tip has a diameter of 11 mm or 12 mm depending on the weight. For frame game / free: 470 – 490 grams = 11 mm tip. For three-cushion: 500 – 530 grams = 12 mm tip.

The cue has a 10mm PC ferrule and a wooden joint with a 25mm black plastic joint collar. The butt cap of the Altano billiard cue is made of 20 mm black plastic and features a silver-printed Buffalo logo. The Altano billiard cue is available in weights from 470 grams to 530 grams. The weight of the cue is adjustable using the M16*2.0 weight system.



  • Brand; Buffalo billiard cue 2-piece
  • Model: Altano 4
  • Wooden screw connection
  • Ferrule: 10mm PC
  • UV print
  • Tip: Everest
  • Butt material: maple
  • Shaft material: solid maple grade A6
  • Bumper: BR-89
  • Total length: 141 cm
  • Length Butt: 72 cm
  • Length Shaft: 69 cm
  • Weight adjustable M16*2.0 weight system




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Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 85 × 7 × 7 cm
Weight in grams

470, 480, 490, 500, 510, 520, 530


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