Billiard Cue, Pool, Mezz EC9-W2, United Joint


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Billiard Cue, Pool, Mezz EC9-W2, United Joint




Mezz. is a family-owned company founded in 1960, making it one of the oldest cue makers in the world. Miki has more than 50 years of experience and achievement in cue making filled with continuous innovations. Based in Japan, Mezz uses the world’s most advanced technology to create billiard equipment that makes the game easier and more fun for players. Miki has been and will continue to commit itself in creating superior pool cues, carom cues, snooker cues, and other accessories to enhance your playability. Mezz belongs to the top of the production cue Industry in the world.



The successor of the EC7 series brings a freshen appreciation for the natural beauty of exotic woods. A simple but striking design of the new EC9 accompanied with accented white and double stitched silver rings accentuates its elegance.

Introducing the minimal deflecting straight pro taper shaft, the WX-Σ advances players capabilities in competition. Using a variety of rare woods in line with the Miki’s ideology, simplicity over complexity, the EC9 is ready to perform.

Note from Sjef Creusen, owner of Sonny´s Billiard Supplies & Home Entertainment;

MEZZ cues are the unwritten No 1 cue brand of the world. Perfectly produced and always solid to play. Try it out and feel the experience. It is a real pity that the cues will be delivered in a simple plastic bag, or paper box, with almost no protection.



  • WX-Σ Pro-Slim-Taper Minimal-Deflection
  • Hard maple
  • Silver Ring
  • 12,5mm Kamui Original (S) Tip
  • XJ Plate Ferrule
  • Length: 737mm (29.0inch)
  • Joint: United
  • Other shafts are possible



  • Wenge wood
  • Special Inlays
  • Black Irish linen wrap
  • Silver Ring
  • Length: 737mm (29.0inch)





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Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 85 × 7 × 7 cm
Shaft Type

Ex Pro, Hybrid Pro II, Ignite 12.2mm, WX Alpha, WX Sigma


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