Pool Cue Classic Speed II-13

Billiard cue, Pool Cue Classic Speed II-13, Radial Pin


Pool Cue Classic Speed II-13

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Billiard cue, Pool Cue Classic Speed II-13, Radial Pin



The Pool Cue Classic Speed II-13 ​​series offers quality at a fair price and impresses with its elaborate design with great attention to detail. Similarly the two-piece cues are made from hand-picked Canadian maple wood and processed in an exemplary manner.

So what makes this cue so special is the Radial Joint that ensures that all the effect you give with the Cueball comes out completely. Therefor without too much extra effort you can use all effects optimally without forcing.

The balance of a billiard cue is important for a smooth and consistent shot. Therefor a well-balanced cue will ensure that the weight distribution is even and that the cue swings easily through your hand. Basically check that the cue is well balanced by holding it in your hand and swinging it.

All things considered remember that choosing the right billiard cue is a personal choice. In fact what works well for one player may not work for another. Also take the time to consider different options and choose a cue that feels comfortable and suits your style of play. After all always look at www.sonnys.be


  • selected Canadian maple wood
  • high-impacted ferrule
  • 6-layer tips


  • shiny high-end lacquer
  • Radial Joint
  • polished stainless-steel joint
  • exotic silver rings
  • Extension Ready Bumper
  • black butt cap
  • joint protector

To sum up further Information Pool cue Classic Speed II-13:

  • weight: 19.5-20 oz (approx. 567g)
  • length: 58 “(about 147cm)




Please note: Due to differences in monitors and monitor settings, it is possible that colors in photos appear different from the actual product.

Wood is a natural product that is dimensionally influenced by basic physical laws. The play of colors in the wood is created by the individual shape, color, and grain after processing. The range of natural color, structure, and other differences within a type of wood is one of its natural properties and does not constitute grounds for complaint or liability.

Additional information

Weight 0,8 kg
Dimensions 85 × 7 × 7 cm


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