Aramith Set Pool Balls Premier


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Pool ball set Aramith Premier


  •  Aramith Unique Phenolic Resin
  •  Perfectly Rounded and Balanced
  •  High Impact Resistance
  •  Prolonged Longevity
  •  Lengthens Cloth Life
  •  High-Quality Control Standards
  •  Money-Saving Investment
  • Available in 48.0mm 50.8mm 52.4mm 54 and 57.2mm

Aramith pool balls are widely recognized as the best balls in the world. This set is in Aramith Premier
quality, and the size is 52.4 mm, so for smaller pool tables. Aramith Premier balls do not achieve the quality of the Super and Premium balls, but still, last 5 times
longer than standard polyester balls. The balls are strictly checked for density, balance, diameter,
roundness, color, gloss, hardness, and weight. Aramith Prime Minister is the ultimate compromise between
quality and price.

Additional information

Weight 3,3 kg

48.0mm, 50.8mm, 52.4mm, 57.2mm


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