Longoni Fuji Modena, 14mm


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Longoni Fuji Modena, 14mm



Fuji are the professional laminated tips for all billiard players looking for best performances and durability. Made of 10 layers of selected pigskin, Fuji can be easily installed on any cue: for best results use Longoni 977 professional glue.


slightly sands the side with the grade letter, using 400-grade sandpaper. Clean properly the shaft surface. Put a drop of 977 Longoni glue on the tip and press it on the shaft making sure the glue is well distributed. Hold for one minute. After 5 minutes you can shape the tip as you prefer.

Higher speed to cue ball with more spin. Hardness Number DIAM 14mm
H 230572 447
M 230567 445
S 230562 446



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Soft, Medium, Hard


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