Snooker Tables

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  • Herkules, Snooker Table, Including Steel Cushions


    Herkules, Snooker Table, Including Steel Cushions   EXCELLENT PLAYABILITY COMBINED WITH A LUXURY LOOK The Herkules snooker table is made of premium materials and very well manufactured. Its exquisite design…

  • Prince II, Snooker Table, Steelblock


    Snooker Table Sonny´s Prince, mahogany, Steelblock   JUST THE RIGHT SOLUTION FOR ALL SNOOKER FANS The elegant look of the Prince snooker table with stylish carvings makes the hearts of…

  • Prince, Snooker Table, ash


    Snooker Table, Sonny´s Prince   World Championship Table Top rail: carefully selected 95 mm hardwood. More slide than any comparable table Legs: 21 cm diameter with decorative carving Pockets: custom-designed…