Carom tables

Carom tables


Carom tables: Refined Elegance for the Connoisseur Dive into the world of Carom with our exclusive billiard table from Greece. Every aspect of these showpieces has been designed with precision in mind. This makes it the ideal choice for players who enjoy the game. From the professional cloth to the durable frame, this billiard table embodies elegance and performance.

Professional Cloth:

The sheet is precision manufactured for optimal speed and consistency of the balls. Because the smooth surface improves the accuracy of the punches.

Robust Frame:

The frame of the Carom is made with solid materials, so that it can withstand intensive use. The sturdy construction ensures stability and durability, even during active play sessions.

Balance and Stability:

A balanced design guarantees a stable playing experience without vibration. This contributes to the precision and control needed for the successful carom-game.

Elegant Finish:

The design of the carom exudes class with refined finishes and details. Available in various styles and wood finishes to match the appearance of the billiard room.

Official Format:

Fully in accordance with the official specifications for the billiards. Ideal for both professional players and enthusiasts who strive for the highest standards.


Suitable for a variety of carom games, including free, one cushion and three cushion. But also for the lesser known Birilli. A versatile table that meets the needs of the carom billiards community.

Experience the ultimate combination of refined elegance and professional performance with our Carom table. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting your carom adventure, this table offers a masterful playing experience in a stylish setting.

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