BEAR cues are high-quality billiard cues designed for serious billiard players and professionals, including Francesco Bustamente and Oliver Ortmann. These cues are manufactured using advanced technologies and high quality materials to ensure optimum performance and durability.

BEAR’s cues have excellent balance and feel comfortable during play. They are designed to deliver a smooth and accurate shot, giving players optimum control and precision over the billiard balls. The cues are available in a variety of weights and lengths, allowing players to choose a cue that best suits their playing style and preferences.

BEAR cues are made of high quality materials such as wood and nowadays carbon in the shaft. The wooden part of the cue is often made of maple wood, which is known for its strength and stability. The carbon fiber portion of the cue provides extra stiffness and helps minimize vibration, resulting in a consistent and accurate punch.

BEAR’s cues also come with high-quality tips. The tip is the top part of the cue that comes into contact with the billiard ball. Made from premium leather, these pomerans provide excellent grip on the ball, which is essential for delivering accurate punches.

The brand has been around for 30 years and was first produced in Canada, now it is in China in the Fury factory. The last series was designed by a Dutchman.

In short, BEAR cues are an excellent choice for serious billiard players looking for a high-quality cue with excellent performance and durability. With their advanced technologies, high-quality materials and ergonomic design, BEAR cues offer players the opportunity to take their billiard skills to the next level.

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