To buy a billiard cue then you are at the right place at Sonny’s Billiard Supplies. Decide for which game type you want to purchase a cue because it is important to make the right choice. We have a huge choice in Carom, Snooker, and Pool Cues. For golf billiards and three cushion it is best to look at the Carom cues. Extra space will soon also be made available for Birilli cues. A carambole cue for libre will be between 470 and 500 grams. The Cushion game and Three cushion is normally played with a cue with the weight between 500 and 530 grams. You can also clearly indicate these choices in our very extensive online shop of We wish you a lot of pleasure in searching for your dream cue, if you have any questions you can of course ask us at any time by telephone and or email .

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