Table Cleaning & Maintenance

Table Cleaning & Maintenance


Billiards Table Accessories for Table Cleaning & Maintenance:

Maintain the Splendor of the Game Discover our extensive selection of billiard Table Cleaning & Maintenance. They are designed to keep not only the table, but also the balls in optimal condition. From polishes to cleaning products, these accessories are indispensable. So for every billiards enthusiast who values ​​a well-maintained and radiant playing environment.

1. Billiards Table Polish: 

For a Shiny Playing Surface Description: Our billiard table polish is specially designed to make the playing surface of your table shine. The formula has been carefully formulated to effectively remove dust, stains and excess chalk, leaving the table not only clean but also playing smoother.

2. Ball Cleaner:

Maintain the Shine of the Balls Description: Our ball cleaner is a must-have to maintain the shine and playability of your balls. The formula thoroughly cleans and removes dirt, oils and other impurities. In fact leaving the balls in optimal condition for accurate shots.

3. Microfiber Cloths:

Delicate Cleaning for the Playing Field Description: Our microfiber cloths are perfect for cleaning the billiard playing field. They are soft and absorbent. So they effectively absorb dust and dirt without leaving scratches. An essential accessory for regular, delicate cleaning of the playing surface.

4. Maintenance Brushes:

For Thorough Cleaning of the Table Edges Description: Our maintenance brushes are designed for thorough cleaning of table edges and corners. They remove dirt and chalk residue, which not only makes the edges look neat, but also improves the overall aesthetics of the table.

5. Table Covers:

Protection against Dust and Damage Description: Our table covers provide an extra layer of protection for your billiard table. Made from durable materials, they protect against dust, spills and minor damage, extending the life of your table.

6. Cue Rack:

Organized Storage Space for Your Cues Description: Keep your cues organized and within reach with our cue racks. These stylish and functional accessories provide secure storage for your cues and add a touch of elegance to your billiard room.

With our high-quality billiard table accessories you not only maintain the quality of your table and balls, but you also add a touch of care and elegance to your billiards experience.

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