The Premium Billiard Balls Set is an essential accessory for any billiard enthusiast, whether you are a professional or just enjoy playing billiards in your spare time. This set of high-quality billiard balls has been carefully crafted to provide an optimal playing experience and increase the fun.

Each Pool Ball set contains sixteen balls, consisting of fifteen numbered object balls and a white cue ball. The object balls have a standardized size of 57.2 mm, which meets professional standards. They are made of high quality phenolic resin, which ensures durability, good playability and long life.

The billiard balls in this set are perfectly balanced to provide accurate roll and consistency with every shot. The smooth surfaces of the balls provide excellent response to the billiard cue, giving you greater control over your shots and accurate positioning.

Whether you play pool billiards, snooker or carom, we have billiard balls that are suitable for different game variants. They are designed to provide minimal friction and wear resulting in a smoother roll and better playing experience. A general rule, in my humble opinion, is that the premium set should be the minimum quality you should choose. Every more expensive variant is also higher quality.

The Premium Billiard Balls Set comes in a sturdy storage box to keep the balls safe when not in use. This ensures that the balls remain in optimal condition and protects them from damage.

Choose the Premium Billiard Ball Set or an even better quality and enhance your billiard experience with a set of top quality balls. Enjoy accurate shots, improved playability and long-lasting use with these high-quality billiard balls. Always choose from the Sonny’s online shop;

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