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  • “Pool Hall” Pool cue, one-piece


    “Pool Hall” Pool cue, one-piece     THIS SINGLE PIECE HOUSE CUE IS ESPECIALLY SUITABLE FOR GUESTS IN -SALONS, -CAFES OR BILLIARD-ROOMS. Robust maple wood makes it extremely durable despite…

  • “Strachan Cloth 6811 Gold Tournament”, 30oz, 193cm


    “Strachan Cloth 6811 Gold Tournament”, 30oz, 193cm     Made from the finest Merino wools, the Strachan brand offers players exceptional performance, with a superior nap that provides unrivaled positional…

  • 4 Black spare Caps, for cross or bridgehead


    4 Black spare Caps, for cross or bridgehead         On divers, Crosses or bridgeheads are little black caps. And after a while, they will be destroyed by…

  • Accessories-Box Pool Aramith Premium


    Accessories-Poolball Kit Aramith Premium     All-Inclusive accessory kit pool Aramith Premium ball set 4 maple cues 2-piece Aramith Ball Cleaner Aramith microfibre cloth Bridge (extension) Wooden triangle 8 &…

  • Accessories-box pool Aramith Pro-Cup TV


    Accessories-Kit Pool Aramith Pro-Cup TV     Contains;    All-Inclusive accessory-kit pool Super Aramith Pro TV ball set 4 top quality maple cues Jim Rempe Training Cue-Ball Aramith Ball Cleaner…

  • Accessories-Box Pool Aramith standard


    Accessories-Kit Aramith standard     All-Inclusive accessories-ball kit pool Aramith Standard ball set Aramith Ball Cleaner Aramith Microfibre cloth 4 Maple Cues 2-pcs Aramith Cue Rack Cue bridge (rest) Table…

  • Aramith “Camouflage”


    Aramith “Camouflage”     Set of Pool Balls in Camouflage design 57,2 mm made by Aramith ®

  • Aramith ® Micro Fibre Cloth


    Aramith ® Micro Fibre Cloth     cleans and polish your billiard balls 18 x 20 cm washable at 60 degrees do not iron after washing, immediately usable made by…

  • Aramith Crazy White Ball


    Aramith Crazy White Ball     the balance point is not in the center of the ball, so you can”t shoot this ball straight Meanly to have some fun with…

  • Aramith pool accessory set Black


    Aramith pool accessory set Black       The Aramith pool accessory set Black contains everything you need to start playing pool right away. The set consists of four 2-piece…