Cleaning and Maintenance

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  • Navigator Tip Crystal


    Navigator Tip Crystal   To prevent Mushrooming Put it on the side of the tip Wait a minute and burn the side (rub leather on leather)        

  • Nick´s Edge Micro Grit Film


    Nick´s Edge Micro Grit Film   12 papers, 3 grain sizes abrasive paper with different grain sizes Re-usable The best professional papers Promoted by Nick Varner

  • Original Billiard Microfiber Cloth


    Original Billiard Microfiber Cloth       Microfiber cloth for top end (shaft). Characteristics:  Size: 30 X 40 cm  Color blue  Material: 100% microfiber    

  • Original Billiard Shaft Cleaner


    Original Billiard Shaft Cleaner      Microparticles remove dirt and chalk.   HOW TO USE:  50ml Shake well before use  Apply the product to the cue  Allow drying for 10…

  • Original Billiard Shaft Protector


    Original Billiard Shaft Protector     The cream that protects your cue. 50ml Protects the coating of your cue, giving you maximum protection and shine with original Super Cream. Just…

  • Original Billiard Silk Slide Shaft


    Original Billiard Silk Slide Shaft   Original Billiard Silk Slide Shaft is the new liquid for handling the cue. Use a few drops to make the top smooth. Container is…

  • Original Billiard Smoother & Burnisher


    Original Billiard Smoother & Burnisher   Original Billiard Smoother & Burnisher revives the leather of the Tip. The scourer is used by the billiard player to repair the tip How…

  • Original Black Magic Shaft Cleaner 40ml


    Original Black Magic Shaft Cleaner 40ml       Liquid for carbon shafts: degrease and remove chalk trace leave the shaft matt.   Features: Degrease the shaft; Remove the chalk…

  • Original Cue Shaft Wax (white)


    Original Cue Shaft Wax (white)     Original Wax is specially developed for wood and protects against lime which extends the life of the shaft. Details: Made in Italy Contents:…

  • Original Cue Tip Polisher


    Original Cue Tip Polisher       Keychain made of 100% Italian leather, and also 100% made in Italy. Original cue tips polisher is ideal for making your tip clean…