Cleaning and Maintenance

Discover the ultimate care for your billiard cue with our high-quality maintenance and cleaning products in Sonny´s online store. Whether you are a professional player or just enjoy playing a game of billiards with friends, it is essential to keep your cue in top condition. Our products are specially developed to extend the life of your cue and guarantee optimal performance.

Cue cleaner:
Our cue cleaner is the perfect choice to remove dirt, oil and other impurities from the surface of your cue. It is an effective cleaning solution specially formulated to protect the wood and finish of the cue. With regular use of the cue cleaner, your cue will maintain its smooth texture and provide consistent ball control.

Shaft Conditioner:
The shaft conditioner is a must-have product to keep the shaft of your cue in optimal condition. This conditioner nourishes the wood and protects it against cracking and warping. It also allows for a smoother glide of your hand over the cue, giving you more control when playing.

Cue Tip Shaper:
To ensure that your billiard cue always has a perfectly shaped tip, we offer a cue-tip shaper. This handy tool helps you shape and punch your tip, achieving optimal grip and consistency on every shot. With the cue-tip shaper you can maintain the desired shape of the tip and extend its life.

Microfibre cloths:
Our set of microfibre cloths is an indispensable tool for maintaining your billiard cue. These wipes are specially designed to remove dust and dirt without leaving scratches. They are soft and lint-free, allowing you to safely and thoroughly clean your cue. Use them in combination with our cleaning and conditioning products for best results.

Our billiard cue care and polish will keep your cue in top condition, ready for any challenge you encounter on the billiard table. Invest in the care of your cue and improve your game. Order our high-quality products now and discover the difference they make for your billiards experience! Just order the items at

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