Cue Accessories

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  • Aramith Laminated Cue Tip


    Aramith Laminated Cue Tip     made by Aramith ® Available in sizes 12mm, 13mm and 14mm Available in Hardness S, M, and H

  • Artemis Cue Tip Glue – 20 gram


    Artemis Cue Tip Glue – 20 gram     Glews in 30 seconds, so you have time to set up perfectly the tip Permanently “flexible” thus less likely to break…

  • Artemis Finger Wrap, V2


    Artemis Finger Wrap, V2       The finger wrap fits over your thumb, index and middle finger The advantage compared to a glove is that you can feel the…

  • Artemis Joint Protector Set


    Artemis Joint Protector Set   A joint protector is actually the most important accessory to extend the life of your cue. It protects the pin and/or screw against damage and…

  • Artemis NoSlip Hand-Grip


    Artemis NoSlip Hand-Grip Specification; Weight 24 gram Length 28cm Available in Color; Purple, Blue, Red, Orange, and White

  • Artemis pomeranscorrector


    Artemis Tipcorrector   Artemis Billiard Products ® Be careful using it and not touching the ferrule Mushroom Sharpener or tipcorrector  

  • Artemis/Millennium Rubber Bumper


    Artemis/Millennium Rubber Bumper     Original Artemis Product Replace part for the bumper

  • Aura Glove Dick Jaspers prof


    Aura Glove Dick Jaspers prof       New! RHP = Right Handed Player means for the left hand Color:  Orange/Black RHP,  Black/Black RHP, Blue-Black, and  Grey/Black RHP One size fits all M/L

  • Balance Rite


    Balance Rite – Forward weighted cue extension     3.75 to 4 inches long Fits cues with uni-loc joint, Radial, 3/8×10, 5/16×14, and 5/16×18 Screws between the butt and shaft…

  • Ball Teck Safe Knife for cutting tips


    Ball Teck Safe Knife for cutting tips       Ball Teck Safe Knife useful for replacing tips. Sold by the unit. The tool cuts the tip from the ferrule