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  • McDermott McGripper


    McDermott McGripper (for remove bumper)     Cue Tool For removing the rubber bumper

  • McDermott Rubber Bumper


    McDermott Rubber Bumper       Original McDermott product Reserve stop for the bumper

  • MEZZ Rubber Bumper Standard


    MEZZ Rubber Bumper Standard Important Information: suitable for Mezz cues

  • Mezz Weight Kit


    Mezz Weight Kit     The Mezz Butt Weight Cartridge Set allows you to customize the weight of your cue to your ideal weight easily. The set consists of a…

  • MEZZ weight Screws


    Mezz Weight screw   Weight Screw made of aluminium 45,077,02,5 Weight 0,25oz 45,077,05,0 0,50oz 45,077,10,0 1,00oz 45,077,15,0 1,50oz 45,077,20,0 2,00oz Choice your weight screw and let us know

  • Official Weight kit for KARMA Cues


    Official Weight kit for KARMA Cues     Change the weight and balance of your Karma billiard cue easily with the official weight Kit. The Karma weight kit is compatible with Karma…

  • Predator Sport & BK rubber bumper


    suitable for all Predator Sport & BK Cues

  • Predator Weight Kit


    Predator Weight Kit   DUAL weight screws from 0,1oz till 2oz until 30 different weight variations possible installation tool with DUAL tip at the moment suitable for Predator P3, SE20,…

  • Predator Weight Screw


    Weight Screw Predator   45,197,00,1  weight 0,10oz 45,197,00,2               0,20oz 45,197,00,3               0,30oz 45,197,00,4             …

  • Raymond Ceulemans Weight bolts


    Raymond Ceulemans Weight Bolts       Suitable for Raymond Ceulemans cues A new system for a better Balance after strengthen Weight; 15 gram, 20 gram, and 30 gram Take…