Cue Weights

Enhance Your Cue’s Performance with Billiard Cue Weights

  • Individual Cue Weights or Complete Kits: Choose from individual weights or comprehensive kits. So, to customize your cue’s balance and feel according to your preferences
  • Precision Balance Adjustment: Achieve the perfect balance and weight distribution for your cue. In this way allowing for improved control and accuracy with every shot.
  • Easy Installation: Effortlessly install the weights onto your cue using simple tools and instructions provided. In order to ensuring a hassle-free customization process.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted from high-quality materials, our weights are built to last. So withstanding the rigors of regular play without compromising performance.
  • Enhanced Cue Performance: Experience enhanced cue performance as you fine-tune its weight and balance to suit your playing style. In order to resulting in smoother strokes and improved consistency.
  • Tailored to Your Needs: Whether you prefer a heavier or lighter cue, our range of weights and kits offers versatility to accommodate a wide range of player preferences and playing conditions.
  • Upgrade Your Cue Today: Take your cue game to the next level by adding our billiard weight, unlocking the potential for improved performance and precision in every game.

Whether you are a starter or an professional Player always be sure that you have good tools to play with. In this way you will enjoy your game much more.

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  • Cuetec Weight-screws


    Cuetec weight-screws     Choose your weight and let us know; 45,125,00,5 weight 0,5 oz 45,126,01,0 weight 1 oz 45,126,02,0 weight 2 oz Important Information: suitable for Cuetec “Acueweight” cues

  • Longoni Weight Bolt Set


    Longoni Weight Bolt Set     Suitable for Longoni Cues with an Allen key Set is with 4 screws 5 gram 10 gram 20 gram 30 gram

  • Mezz Weight Kit


    Mezz Weight Kit     The Mezz Butt Weight Cartridge Set allows you to customize the weight of your cue to your ideal weight easily. The set consists of a…

  • MEZZ Weight Screw


    MEZZ, Weight Screw     BUTT WEIGHT BOLTS All Mezz pool cues and carom cues are equipped with a weight adjustment function in the butt end. It can be adjusted…

  • Official Weight kit for KARMA Cues


    Official Weight kit for KARMA Cues     Change the weight and balance of your Karma billiard cue easily with the official weight Kit. The Karma weight kit is compatible with Karma…

  • Predator Weight Kit


    Predator Weight Kit       Official Weight kit set from Predator DUAL weight screws from 0,1oz to 2oz until 30 different weight variations are possible installation tool with DUAL…

  • Predator Weight Screw


    Weight Screw Predator   45,197,00,1  weight 0,10oz 45,197,00,2               0,20oz 45,197,00,3               0,30oz 45,197,00,4             …

  • Raymond Ceulemans Weight bolts


    Raymond Ceulemans Weight Bolts       Suitable for Raymond Ceulemans cues A new system for a better Balance after strengthen Weight; 15 gram, 20 gram, and 30 gram Take…

  • Universal Weight Ring


    Universal Weight Ring   Universal Available in 3 Weights; 10, 20 and 40 gram For Carom and 3 Cushion Cues

  • WBS Weight Bolt Set, Mezz


    WBS Weight Bolt Set, Mezz       The Mezz weight bolt set allows you to customize the weight of your cue to your ideal weight easily. The set consists…