Cue Ferrules

Cue Ferrules: Durability for your Cue


Our Cue Ferrule protects the transition between your shaft and tip. Made from high-quality material, they not only provide protection. But they also contribute to the overall performance of your billiard cue.


Protective Transition:

The ferrule is located at the end of the shaft, and acts as a shield between the tip and the rest of the cue. This not only protects the vulnerable connection, but also prevents moisture and dirt from entering the shaft.

Optimal Energy Transfer:

Made from materials known for their strength and resilience. Our ferrules ensure an efficient transfer of energy from the tip to the shaft, which is essential for accurate shots.


Designed to fit a variety of pool cues. As a result, these ferrules will be a versatile choice for both beginners and experienced players.

Easy Replacement:

Our ferrules are designed for easy installation. This means you can quickly replace them and enjoy a smooth playing experience again. However, we recommend having it done by a specialist.

Add our Cue Tip Ferrules to your billiard equipment and enjoy the assurance of durability and optimal performance with every shot. Protect your investment and take your game to the next level.

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