Bridge Heads

Bridge Heads and Rest Sticks: Refining your range and precision

Strive for perfection on the billiard table with our high-quality billiard bridges and rest sticks, designed to extend your reach and improve the precision of your shots. Each piece in this collection has been carefully crafted to meet the needs of beginners and experienced players alike.

  • Adjustable Billiard Bridges:

A range of bridge aids designed for stability and versatility. Adjustable heights and angles for customized bridge positions for different punches.

  • Telescopic Rest Poles:

High-quality telescopic rest sticks to increase your reach on difficult shots. Compact and easy to extend for use with different billiard variants.


  • Durable materials:

Made of high-quality materials, such as stainless steel or aluminum, for durability and long-lasting use. Stable construction to ensure the stability of your bridge.


  • Comfortable Handles:

Ergonomically designed handles for comfortable and firm grip during use. Minimizes fatigue and makes long playing sessions comfortable.

  • Foldable Designs:

Some models have a folding design for easy storage and carrying. Ideal for players who want to bring their own billiard accessories.


  • Non-slip feet:

Equipped with non-slip feet for extra stability, even on slippery surfaces. Minimizes movement during use, giving you complete control.


  • Versatility in Use:

Suitable for various billiards variants, including pool, snooker and carom. Essential for situations where a regular cue is not sufficient.


  • Stylish Finishes:

Finished with careful attention to aesthetics, so your billiard bridge not only looks functional but also complements your billiards environment.

Whether you need to cover a difficult long distance or reach an awkward angle, our billiard bridges and rest sticks provide the necessary support to take your game to the next level. Invest in precision and control with these essential billiards accessories. Take a look at our billiards specialist store Sonny’s Billiard Supplies.

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  • 4 Black spare Caps, for cross or bridgehead


    4 Black spare Caps, for cross or bridgehead         On divers, Crosses or bridgeheads are little black caps. And after a while, they will be destroyed by…

  • Billiard Rest Head, transparent


    Billiard Rest Head, transparent   BRIDGE FOR EVERYONE! The high-quality Billiard Cue Bridge made of plexiglass is the perfect helper to master difficult situations on the table. It can be used in 7…

  • Bridge Cue


    Bridge Cue   bridge cue Available in Length; 228cm and 274cm Bridge Cue complete 2 Piece Cue

  • Bridge rest


    Bridge rest     Specifications; Stick for bridgehead Available in Length; 213cm, 228cm, 244cm, and 274cm Without bridgehead delivered

  • Buffalo Cue Bridge Moose, acrylic


    Buffalo Cue Bridge Moose, acrylic       The Buffalo cue Bridge Moose acrylic is the ultimate cue support for pool. Because of the different recesses and the possibility to…

  • Cue Bridge Chrome


    Cue Bridge Chrome   Stylish luxury support Bridge with plastic Nipples Sleek and modern design Protects the sheet

  • Cue Bridge Nylon Cross


    White Nylon X Rest Head     Strong Nylon plastic Bridge Cross- or X-model 2 possible ways to use Money Saver!

  • Cue Bridge power


    Cue Bridge power       Produced from plastic Cross Available in Black and wit Photo model can be slightly different

  • Cue Bridge Spider Chrome


    Cue Bridge Spider Chrome   Stylish luxury support Bridge with plastic Nipples Sleek and modern design Protects the sheet

  • Cue head X Brass


    Cue head Cross, Brass   Stylish luxury support Usable for Carom, Pool and Snooker This luxurious and decorative support has a threaded connection for permanent bonding. The quality of the…