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  • Artemis Finger Wrap, V2


    Artemis Finger Wrap, V2       The finger wrap fits over your thumb, index and middle finger The advantage compared to a glove is that you can feel the…

  • BillKing Glove prof. eco


    BillKing Glove prof. eco       for both left and right Available in Black/ Blue and Black/ Red one size fits all    

  • Ceulemans, Handgrip (rubber)


    Ceulemans, Handgrip (rubber)       Rubber Grip Length: 38 cm Only available in Blue, Red, and White Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Products ®      

  • Handgrip Bill King Tech 30cm


    Handgrip Bill King Tech 30cm   Specification; A length;  between 30 and 32 cm Weight: 16 gram Colour: Black, Blue, Orange, Beige, White, and Transparent   Please let us know…

  • Handgrip IBS with profile 30cm


    Handgrip IBS with profile 30cm     Install the grip on your cue to have a better grip to play. In the colors 219012 : Black 219022 : Blue 219032…

  • Handgrip IBS, Super Grip zigzag


    Handgrip IBS, Super Grip zigzag     New! Material;  Velour with zigzag design grip Length 32 cm 14 grams Color: Black, Red, and Blue IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please note: Due to differences…

  • Handgrip thick, * 40 cm with a profile


    Handgrip thick, * 40 cm with a profile   Thick grip for more contact to your Cue, with decent Profile Specification Length 40cm Thick Profile

  • Sale!

    IBS Glove Gold Mesh


    IBS Glove Gold Mesh       ibs The IBS Gold Mesh billiard glove without fingertip has black accents and the collar is decorated with a white IBS logo. With…

  • Sale!

    IBS Glove regular


    IBS Glove regular     With the IBS black billiard glove with fingers, the friction between your hand and the cue will significantly reduce, giving you more control over the…

  • IBS Handgrip Rubber


    IBS Handgrip Rubber Specification;  New! Length: 30 cm Weight: 20 gram Available Color:  Black,  Blue, Red, Green, White, Orange, Purple, and Grey