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  • Artemis Finger Wrap, V2


    Artemis Finger Wrap, V2       The finger wrap fits over your thumb, index and middle finger The advantage compared to a glove is that you can feel the…

  • Ceulemans Rubber grip


    Ceulemans Rubber grip New! Rubber handle Length: 40 cm Available in 4 Colors; Black, Blue, White, Transparent. Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Products ®

  • Ceulemans, Handgrip (rubber)


    Ceulemans, Handgrip (rubber)       Rubber Grip Length: 38 cm Only available in Blue, Red, and White Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Products ®      

  • Cue Bridge power


    Cue Bridge power       Produced from plastic Cross Available in Black and wit Photo model can be slightly different

  • Handgrip Bill King Tech 30cm


    Handgrip Bill King Tech 30cm   Specification; A length;  between 30 and 32 cm Weight: 16 gram Colour: Black, Blue, Orange, Beige, White, and Transparent   Please let us know…

  • Handgrip IBS with profile 30cm


    Handgrip IBS with profile 30cm     Install the grip on your cue to have a better grip to play. In the colors 219012 : Black 219022 : Blue 219032…

  • Handgrip on a roll 200cm


    Handgrip on a roll 200cm       Rubber handgrip On a roll Length; 190 till 200cm Color: Black, Marine Blue, Blue, Burgundy, White, Purple, Grey, Army Green, and Yellow

  • IBS Handgrip Rubber


    IBS Handgrip Rubber Specification;  New! Length: 30 cm Weight: 20 gram Available Color:  Black,  Blue, Red, Green, White, Orange, Purple, and Grey

  • IBS Handle Silicon rubber smooth


    IBS Handle Silicone rubber smooth       Made of silicone Available Colors; Black – 32cm / 16 grams, Blue – 30cm / 14 grams, Red – 30cm / 14…

  • Magnetic Chalk holder Renzline Thai in several colors


    Magnetic Chalk holder Renzline in several Colors       Specifications; Super magnetic Chalk Holder Available in Color; Black, Purple, Green, White, and Dark Red Delivered without chalk but with…