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  • Artemis Finger Wrap, V2


    Artemis Finger Wrap, V2       The finger wrap fits over your thumb, index and middle finger The advantage compared to a glove is that you can feel the…

  • Billiard Cue Cornerrack Jeffrey for 8 cues


    Billiard Cue Cornerrack Jeffrey for 8 cues * for 8 cues * for 1 set of balls * 60x37x37 cm * with space for drinks * solid wood * Oak…

  • Finger Wrap


    Fingerwraps   comfortable to wear ambidextrous no more sweaty palms improved stroke improved control universal size color black and pink

  • Handgrip Bill King Tech 30cm


    Handgrip Bill King Tech 30cm   Specification; A length;  between 30 and 32 cm Weight: 16 gram Colour: Black, Blue, Orange, Beige, White, and Transparent   Please let us know…

  • Kamui Glove Quick-Dry


    Kamui Glove Quick-dry       It is always essential to eliminate external factors such as humidity and sweat on your hands to allow your fluid ability on the table.…

  • Round Cue Stand for 12 cues


    Billiard Cue Rack Round Rack for 12 Cues for 12 cues  Ø 40 cm Colour Oak, Mahogany and Black Important Information; delivered without cue(s)

  • Theory, Touch Hexa, Grip


    Theory, Touch Hexa, Grip     Specification;  New! Brand; Theory Length: 28/30 cm Weight: 20 gram Available Color:  Black, White, Blue, Pink, Green, and Orange.