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  • Artemis Finger Wrap, V2


    Artemis Finger Wrap, V2       The finger wrap fits over your thumb, index and middle finger The advantage compared to a glove is that you can feel the…

  • Aura Glove Dick Jaspers prof


    Aura Glove Dick Jaspers prof       New! RHP = Right Handed Player means for the left hand Color:  Orange/Black RHP,  Black/Black RHP, Blue-Black, and  Grey/Black RHP One size fits all M/L

  • Billiard Cue Cornerrack for 10 cues


    Billiard Cue Cornerrack Sonny for 10 cues * for 10 cues * for 1 set of balls * 68x40x40 cm * with space for drinks * solid wood * black…

  • Billiard Cue Rack Empire Steel


    Billiard Cuerack Empire for 6 cues * Top design Empire * Steel Cuerack colour black or silver * a modern and very robust cue rack for 6 cues * Delivered…

  • Billiard Cuerack Nova for 6 cues


    Billiard Cuerack Nova for 8 cues * Top design Nova * Steel Cuerack available in color silver and black * a modern and very robust cue rack for 6 cues…

  • Billiard Glove, Classic, Half Finger


    Billiard Glove, Classic, Half Finger     Lycra with leather patches open fingertips with Velcro universal size Size is comparable with L, more or less. Printed; Partners Billoards

  • Ceulemans Rubber grip


    Ceulemans Rubber grip New! Rubber handle Length: 40 cm Available in 4 Colors; Black, Blue, White, Transparent. Raymond Ceulemans Billiard Products ®

  • Cue Bridge power


    Cue Bridge power       Produced from plastic Cross Available in Black and wit Photo model can be slightly different

  • Cue Rack for 6 cues

    Cue Rack for 6 Cues * Safe and space-saving * Unobtrusive store away * Till 6 cues maximum * Economic price cuerack for 6 cues in Color Maple, Black, and…

  • Cue Rack for 6 cues DXL


    Cue Rack for 6 Cues DLX Luxury wall model Nice finish Felt protection Available in Color; Mahogany, Black and Maple Till 6 Cues maximum Beautifully finished luxury wall model cuerack,…