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Cue Accessories In our web-shop you will find a wide range of cue accessories. There are suitable accessories for every player, so undoubtedly also for you. Keep your billiards equipment in good condition, clean and cared for. Then we offer you the right accessories such as protectors, maintenance products and shapers from Sonny’s. An extensive arsenal of tools, grinding and abrasives, protectors and especially various gloves and types of chalk, for the small and large trade fair. If you are unable to resolve this issue, please do not hesitate to contact us. Because we strive to advise and please the customer as best as possible. Order your desired items online today!

Billiards Cue Accessories:

Enhance your Game with Style and Functionality Discover a world of possibilities to improve your billiards experience with our extensive collection of billiard cue accessories. Each accessory has been carefully designed to meet both your practical needs and your aesthetic preferences.

High-quality cue tips:

A selection of high-quality tips for optimal grip and spin on the cue ball. Various hardnesses to adapt to your playing style and preferences.

Stylish cue holders:

Elegant cue holders with soft lining to safely store and protect your cues. Available in different materials and designs to match the decor of your play space.

Cue Extension for Increased Accessibility:

A telescopic cue extension to increase your reach on difficult shots. Easy to attach and remove for optimal flexibility.

Useful Cue Bridge Tools:

Bridge aids in different shapes and sizes to help you stabilize your hand and cue. Improves your bridge technique for more accurate punches.

Maintenance accessories:

Brushes, crayons, and tip shapers for maintaining your cue and table cloth. Essential for smooth play and a longer lifespan of your billiard equipment. Shaft cleaning agents All shapes of shapers for the Pomeranian and also specifically for shaping the mushroom-shaped pom.

Cue Repair Kits:

All-in-one kits for minor repairs to your cue, including replacement parts and tools. Ideal for quick repairs and preserving your favorite cue.

Each of these pool cue accessories has been designed with attention to detail, not only improving your game but also adding a touch of style to your billiards environment. Complete your billiards experience with accessories that are both functional and visually appealing.

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  • 2D Rubber Bumper Ceulemans


    2D Rubber Bumper – original Raymond Ceulemans ®     Rubber Bumper An exclusive and innovating Raymond Ceulemans 3 cushion billiard product

  • 4 Black spare Caps, for cross or bridgehead


    4 Black spare Caps, for cross or bridgehead         On divers, Crosses or bridgeheads are little black caps. And after a while, they will be destroyed by…

  • 8-angular chalkholder for Predator


    8-angular chalk holder for Predator     Specifications; Usable together with any magnetic chalk holder to use for Predator Chalk produced of stainless steel Comes with double-sided adhesive tape Note; Delivery…

  • Acrylic Disc Pad


    Acrylic Disc Pad     An Acrylic Disc Pad will protect your Ferrule against too hard hits. Specifications; Acrylic disk pad are much softer than fiber or carbon fiber pads.…

  • Adam Billiard Towel


    Adam Billiard Towel



    ADAM CUE SCREW-ON EXTENSION       Specifications Fits every Adam or Buffalo cue with a new weight system! Length 27 cm   Including special bumper for the bottom end, …

  • ADAM Joint Protector, W/J

    Adam joint protector W/J

    ADAM Joint Protector, W/J An Adam joint protector is actually the most important accessory to extend the life of your cue. It protects the pin and/or screw against damage and…

  • American Joint Protector 5/16×18


    American Joint Protector 5/16×18   Important Information: suitable for the following cue models: Meucci, Fury, Classic. Available in blue.

  • Aramith Laminated Cue Tip


    Aramith Laminated Cue Tip Our high-quality Cue Tips are designed to provide the ultimate fun and performance for billiard enthusiasts. With carefully selected materials and top quality craftsmanship, Sonny’s cue…

  • Artemis Cue Tip Glue – 20 gram


    Artemis Cue Tip Glue – 20 gram       Glews in 30 seconds, so you have time to set up perfectly the tip Permanently “flexible” and thus less likely…