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  • 2D Rubber Bumper Ceulemans


    2D Rubber Bumper – original Raymond Ceulemans ®     Rubber Bumper An exclusive and innovating Raymond Ceulemans 3 cushion billiard product

  • 4 Black spare Caps, for cross or bridgehead


    4 Black spare Caps, for cross or bridgehead         On divers, Crosses or bridgeheads are little black caps. And after a while, they will be destroyed by…

  • 8-angular chalkholder for Predator


    8-angular chalk holder for Predator     Specifications; Usable together with any magnetic chalk holder to use for Predator Chalk produced of stainless steel Comes with double-sided adhesive tape Note; Delivery…

  • Acrylic Disc Pad


    Acrylic Disc Pad     An Acrylic Disc Pad will protect your Ferrule against too hard hits. Specifications; Acrylic disk pads are much softer than fiber or carbon fiber pads.…

  • Adam Billiard Towel


    Adam Billiard Towel     Towel for the cue. Color; Black Size 33x16cm



    ADAM CUE SCREW-ON EXTENSION       Specifications Fits every Adam or Buffalo cue with a new weight system! Length 27 cm   Including special bumper for the bottom end, …

  • ADAM Joint Protector, W/J


    ADAM Joint Protector, W/J   A joint protector is actually the most important accessory to extend the life of your cue. It protects the pin and/or screw against damage and…

  • American Joint Protector 5/16×18


    American Joint Protector 5/16×18   Important Information: suitable for the following cue models: Meucci, Fury, Classic. Available in blue.

  • Aramith Laminated Cue Tip


    Aramith Laminated Cue Tip     made by Aramith ® Available in sizes 12mm, 13mm and 14mm Available in Hardness S, M, and H

  • Artemis Cue Tip Glue – 20 gram


    Artemis Cue Tip Glue – 20 gram     Glews in 30 seconds, so you have time to set up perfectly the tip Permanently “flexible” thus less likely to break…