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  • 2D Rubber Bumper Ceulemans


    2D Rubber Bumper – original Raymond Ceulemans ®     Rubber Bumper An exclusive and innovating Raymond Ceulemans 3 cushion billiard product

  • 4 Black spare Caps, for cross or bridgehead


    4 Black spare Caps, for cross or bridgehead         On divers, Crosses or bridgeheads are little black caps. And after a while, they will be destroyed by…

  • 8-angular chalkholder for Predator


    8-angular chalk holder for Predator     Specifications; Usable together with any magnetic chalk holder to use for Predator Chalk produced of stainless steel Comes with double-sided adhesive tape Note; Delivery…

  • Acrylic Disc Pad


    Acrylic Disc Pad     An Acrylic Disc Pad will protect your Ferrule against too hard hits. Specifications; Acrylic disk pads are much softer than fiber or carbon fiber pads.…

  • Adam Billiard Towel


    Adam Billiard Towel       This towel from Adam is specially made to dry your hands, forehead, and the cue. The narrow part fits exactly over the shaft, which…



    ADAM CUE SCREW-ON EXTENSION       Specifications Fits every Adam or Buffalo cue with a new weight system! Length 27 cm   Including special bumper for the bottom end, …

  • ADAM Joint Protector, W/J


    ADAM Joint Protector, W/J   A joint protector is actually the most important accessory to extend the life of your cue. It protects the pin and/or screw against damage and…

  • American Joint Protector 5/16×18


    American Joint Protector 5/16×18   Important Information: suitable for the following cue models: Meucci, Fury, Classic. Available in blue.

  • Aramith Laminated Cue Tip


    Aramith Laminated Cue Tip     made by Aramith ® Available in sizes 12mm, 13mm and 14mm Available in Hardness S, M, and H

  • Artemis Cue Tip Glue – 20 gram


    Artemis Cue Tip Glue – 20 gram       Glews in 30 seconds, so you have time to set up perfectly the tip Permanently “flexible” and thus less likely…