Opening from Sonny´s NEW online shop, just have a look.

Sonny’s Billiard Supplies, one of the largest selling points for pool cues, snooker cues, Carom cues, accessories, tables etc. We sell everything what has to do with the billiards sport, not only to the consumer but also to wholesalers.

Sonny´s is also a company that travels around Europe to build up some Stores, in Coorperation with the EPBF and Dynamic, at big Tournaments. So, the owner Sjef Creusen, is present at European Championships, almost every Eurotour and for example The Ardennencup.

Sjef Creusen has more than 25 years of experience in selling Billiards, cues, and Accessories. And he is always searching for new items to get the latest innovating products.

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For visiting Sjef always call him first to make an appointment. 0032 4 68178762