ECYouth; Trushevskaia over Karnei in 10-ball

Valeriia Trushevskaia (left) and Aliaksandra Karnei

In the girls 10-ball division, Valeriia Trushevskaia (RUS) has overpowered Aliaksandra Karnei (BLR) with 5:2.

Trushevskaia entered the arena being the favored player. She had the experience of two European Championships already while her opponent is new to the stage of European pool billiards. Accordingly, Trushevskaia had a furious start and won the first 3 racks in order to achieve a comfortable 3:0 lead over Karnei. But then Trushevskaia lost focus and she committed too many mistakes, leaving her opponent chances which Karnei collected and turned into points. After 5 racks, the scoreboard was set to 3:2 for Trushevskaia. The Russian then came back to her usual standard and ran racks, leaving no chance for her Belarussian opponent. 5:2 was the final result in favor of Trushevskaia. With that victory, Valeriia Trushevskaia booked her seat among the last 8 girls while Karnei needs another victory on the loser’s side.

After the 12:00 round, all athletes went to an anti-doping symposium which was held and organized by the EPBF in conjunction with the Dutch Anti-Doping Authority. All athletes and coaches were informed about the procedures and regulations for modern sports in order to avoid unwanted consequences for using the wrong medication.

Thereafter, the team competition continued for the day. One match was the clash between team Bosnia&Hercegovina and team Russia in the U19. While the „book” predicted a close match, reality proves that prediction to be wrong. The Bosnians were completely dominating in that match. Sanjin Pehlivanovic won the 10-ball with 7:2 over Rumens Grishin. About a minute later, Ajdin Piknjak sealed the deal for Bosnia&Hercegovina with his 7:1 8-ball victory over Dmitrii Shkudov. The 9-ball match between Faruk Terzic and Semon Petrov was stopped at 6:2 for the Bosnian since the score was already 2:0 for BIH. Bosnia is also through to the single elimination in the U19 team competition while the Russians are looking to find their rhythm in this tournament.

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The Dynamic Billard European Youth Championships 2019 will commence tomorrow morning at 09:00 CET with matches in the 8-ball individuals competition of the U17 and U19.

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The event is hosted by the European Governing Body for Pool, the European Pocket Billiard Federation (EPBF) and organized by International Billiard Promotion (IBP). For further information and reference please go to the federation website or visit us on Facebook for regular news clips or contact our press office